What I really love about this project is the fact that developing the idea for this spot was a really great dialogue and process with our client from »Weser Kurier«, a german Newspaper located in Bremen.
And the Idea was simple. Let's beat companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung etc. with their own weapons. Every digital gadget they create has to be faster, slimmer and lighter - and they tag every new feature. So we decided to be the first ones to tag a newspaper's features. I must admit, in comparison to its digital competitors the »Weser Kurier« performs very well.

client: Weser Kurier
agency: IMAGE in MOTION
production: Simon Wenkelewsky & Alexander Breker

Press articles:

W&V: "Print schlägt zurück: Weser Kurier vs. iPad"
Horizont: "Weser-Kurier nimmt Apple elegant auf die Schippe"

I'm glad that I had the chance to direct this tv commercial, introducing Axel Springers BILDplus, the subscription model for their digital content. In addition to regular packages the subscriber also gets the chance to watch the german BUNDESLIGA via Bild+ App.
This fact was the hook for the Spot. And the challenge was to bring all this archive football material into a fluent choreography. That was real fun!

client: Axel Springer
agency: Jung von Matt / 365
production: The Marmalade
post: Schönheitsfarm

You wanna see a concert live in the New York Metropolitan Opera? No problem, go for it! Since 2013 CinemaxX offers the live-concert-experience in their own theatres. Of course, not quite the same like being in the opera, but still something very special, and quite affordable.
CinemaxX asked Schönheitsfarm to produce the image trailer with complete creative support. So I did the whole concept, direction and even some 3D-animation. Go check it out!
client: cinemaxX
post: Schönheitsfarm

I created this opening sequence for a friend, who took part of a competition for a science series called "Videologic". With my little help he won the competition. Congrats, Simon.

client: Wirtschaftförderung Bremen
agency: IMAGE in MOTION / Simon Wenkelewsky

When you produce movies, there are two topics you dream to work with: Fast cars and massive explosions. CinemaxX asked for both.
Introducing a new sound system by Meyer Sound to their 30 movie theaters, CinemaxX commissioned me to create a spot all the way from concept to execution that makes full use of the new "Maxximum Sound" experience.
To visualize the crystal clear and highly differentiated sound I chosed a popular technique in film making, but translated it into the acoustic world: »Creating High speed shots to experience high speed sound.«
This is cinema like you've never heard it before!

Proud winner of a "Bronze Nail" at the 2012 ADC Awards

client: cinemaxX
agency: acrobat
production: The Marmalade
post: Schönheitsfarm
sound design: White Horse Music & Nine o'Clock Music